Designed for Life in Motion

Few technologies have evolved as quickly as mobile phones. We’ve moved far beyond making simple calls and sending texts. Today phones are expected to be mobile office command centers, entertainment devices, and your hub for social connectivity.


With the introduction of Windows Phone 7, Microsoft is now taking a fundamentally different approach to phone software. Windows Phone 7 is more than just a new interface. Microsoft started over, beginning with the complete redesign of the operating system, hardware, and taking a fresh look at the partner networks.


The new phone and platform will combine the Web, powerful applications, and vast array of services into one simple personalized experience. With the announcement of Windows Phone 7, and with Silverlight as its platform, Vertigo immediately knew that Mobile was in our future.


Our leadership in Silverlight and Touch make Windows Phone 7 a natural addition to Vertigo’s core focus. The three pillars for Vertigo’s design and development practices are now Silverlight, Touch, and Mobile.


We’re beginning with the showcase of two Windows Phone 7 prototypes, one for Shazam and one for Netflix which were shown off at Scott Guthrie’s MIX10 Keynote in Las Vegas.